Young at Heart Art – For the Kid in All of Us

By N/A | LA's the Place, October 31st, 2008

Samuel Jackson

Inspired by the cartoons from his childhood, artist Travis Hedemann creates happy images for people of all ages. Painting art for collectors and celebrities alike, Hedemann draws upon pop culture and his skills learned from his grandfather to produce uniquely colorful images, as well as tailor make paintings based on his clients’ interests. – See more at:

A Houston, Texas native, Travis’ “Young at Heart Art” is featured in galleries in Los Angeles and the Cayman Islands and has been published in many top magazines. Although he majored in business in college, Hedemann recalled his favorite cartoons of the past, i.e. the Smurfs and Bugs Bunny, and began painting exaggerated images of animals and Hollywood icons, all with his trademark big blue eyes.

After his neighbor, art collector Don Sanders, was struck by Travis’ unique approach to art, which was hanging in the hallway of their building, he ordered a few pieces for him and his grandson. Shortly thereafter, Travis’s work was discovered by two West Coast gallery owners and his future was sealed.
Soon, celebrities including Courteney Cox, Reese Witherspoon, Adam Sandler, Samuel L. Jackson, and, most recently Brad and Angelina, who Hedemann painted a personalized painting for each of their children, became owners of Hedemann’s art. Frank Sinatra Jr. was so impressed with Hedemann’s spot on depiction of Ol’ Blue Eyes that he bought the portrait of his father and decreed that it be placed in the Sinatra museum set to open in Las Vegas or Palm Springs.

His work was also featured at the TV Land Awards, where many actors were impressed with his creativity and brilliance. Pieces have been done for many A-list actors. Of course, it’s not all about Hollywood, as Edward Montgomery Waznis, owner of Edward Montgomery Fine Art in Carmel, California, says of the artist, “We want to dive in to his pictures and frolic in the bold and playful vignettes that Hedemann conjures up for our pleasure. A truly gifted artist with a delightful and insightful visual vocabulary, Travis Hedemann is forging a reputation as a ‘person of interest’ in the ongoing investigation into the direction of fine art in the 21st century.” Travis may receive his inspiration from the past, but his work will surely continue well into the future.

To see more of Travis’ paintings, go to and peruse his inspired collections including the Hedemann Mother Series, which the artist created for the Distinctive Assets gift package for “Mother’s Day in Hollywood”, which went to celebrity moms, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Lopez, Jamie-Lynn Spears, and others.